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A lift & a lunch

13 Jul

Just stopping in quick to share a workout and some eats!

I started my time at the gym this afternoon with a quick 5 minute warm up.  1 minute of walking, 4 minutes of jogging.  I didn’t seem to have the patience for much more!

Next, I headed to the weight room to do Julie’s Biceps +Triceps + Shoulders + Abs workout.

I did the first 3 supersets (biceps + triceps) in the weight room, and then moved to the studio room for the second 3 supersets (shoulders +abs).  I finished up the workout with 15 minutes of incline walking.  I wanted to get some HIIT in there, but my legs were still feeling dead from yesterday’s leg workout.

Reppin’ my future school. What up, Buffalo!

I really liked this workout and it made me realize how much I miss having a regular lifting routine.  At school I was pretty good about strength training 2-3 times per week, but in the summer I keep a little less structure to my workout schedule and I tend to run outside a lot more.

When I got home afterwards I was STARVING, so fortunately lunch came together easily thanks to last night’s leftovers.

Left over turkey sausage, grilled peppers & onions mixed with two eggs.  On the side, half of one of my zucchini banana walnut muffins with some almond butter.

Bella and Louie were impressed with my creation:

Will look cute for food.

Off to run some errands, then hoping for another win tonight for our undefeated kickball team!