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Back Home & London [Day 8]

31 Jul

Good morning!

I’m back in America!  I had a great trip in London, but it feels good to be home.  Special shout out to Katie and her family for taking care of me 🙂 they were wonderful hosts and Katie made sure I saw everything there was to see.

On my last day in London, we finally saw rain.  Every other day was beautiful with hot temperatures and sunny skies.  In the early afternoon, we went to the Tower of London.  The Tower of London is a huge castle that was used as a royal residence and also as a prison.  We even got to see the Crown Jewels!  It holds a great deal of history and it was really cool to explore.  Next up, we stopped at a pub for lunch and a drink.  Later in the evening, Katie and I went out with her family for my last meal in London.

Some pics from the day:

London [Day 7]

28 Jul

Today’s London highlights:

M&M’s World.

Watching the Olympics on TV at a pub called Yates’s while enjoying burgers and beers.

Walking around Trafalgar Square.

Some thoughts:

  1. A week in London is not enough.  There is literally so much to do and to explore.  I could never live here though, because I’d be broke!
  2. I love going on vacations, but by the end I’m almost always ready to get home.  Need my fam, my bed and my own food.
  3. British food is really tasty, but a little heavy for me and different from my usual eats.
  4. I cannot believe July is nearly over.  I’m looking forward to being home, but not looking forward to being back to reality.
  5. The Olympics are seriously SO cool.  It’s amazing to see so many athletes from all over the world competing for the ultimate title of athleticism.

Have a great evening!

Are you ready to get home after a long vacation?

What is your favorite thing about the Olympics?

London [Days 5 & 6]

27 Jul

Recapping days 5 & 6 with some photos.  Enjoy!

London [Day 3]

24 Jul

Some photos from the day:

A distant view of Olympic Park.

Another view of Olympic Park.

Katie waiting for the Olympic Torch to pass!

The running of the Olympic Torch!

London [Day 2]

24 Jul

When my alarm went off my first morning in London my initial thoughts were, “Where am I?” and “I need to sleep for three more days.”  The time change hit me like a ton of bricks.

When I finally got moving, Katie and I got ready and headed to the Victoria & Albert museum.

We went to a ballgown exhibition, and it was really cool to see the changes in British fashion over time.  We weren’t allowed to take photos of the whole exhibit, but some of the more modern dresses included those worn by Beyonce and other stars.

Next up, lunch at The Tattershall Castle.

The Tattershall Castle is a bar, restaurant and nightclub on a boat on the River Thames.  Views from the restaurant deck included Big Ben and the London Eye.

It was such a cool place!  We were starving and both got chicken club sandwiches with British chips (french fries) and Heineken to drink.

It totally hit the spot and gave us the energy to keep venturing to all the sights!

We wanted to get to a tour at Westminster Abbey, but time slipped away from us a bit at lunch and we showed up too late.  We decided to save the Abbey for another day, and ventured over to Hyde Park to walk around and relax.  The weather has been beautiful since I arrived and we wanted to take full advantage of the sunshine!  Until this week, the summer in London has been very rainy.

It was a perfect day!  Some more pictures for ya:

Katie enjoying her beer.

Big Ben

Goodies at Paul’s Bakery.

Rochester in London?

Celebrating with the fam!

Some serious wedges.

Priciest flats I’ve ever seen (£300+).

So much to do and see!  More recaps to come 🙂