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101 in 1001

25 Jan

So I’m kind of behind on the whole “make a New Years resolution” bandwagon.  Like, 22 years behind.

I like the idea of starting a new year fresh and resolving to do different things, but I’ve never been one to decide that January 1st is the day I’m going to commit to working harder at all things in my life.

I guess when I see the need for change, I try to do my best to make that change right away (instead of waiting for a new year).  I’ve also never been one to write down goals (even though I have a lot!).

One of our first tasks during fitmixer boot camp was to write down our goals.  At first, this challenge freaked me out.  But once I wrote them down, it felt really good.  To keep that good feeling going, I decided to create a 101 in 1001 list (inspired by my friend, Olivia).

Basically, you write down 101 things you want to achieve in 1001 days (~2.75 years).  Here’s my list!:

  1. Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (January 2013)
  2. Keep track of 101 things
  3. Join an academic group at UB (law journal, moot court, etc.)
  4. Work a full-time legal job during the summers of 2013 and 2014
  5. Graduate from UB
  6. Do my best to graduate in the top 25% of my class
  7. Take the NYS Bar Exam
  8. Go to California
  9. Plan a post-grad trip abroad (Italy?!)
  10. Get a post-grad job
  11. Run a 5k
  12. Run a 10k
  13. Run a half marathon
  14. Visit UR for Mel weekend
  15. Plan another reunion with my friends from college
  16. Clean out my closet and donate clothes
  17. Send someone a card just because
  18. Go indoor rock climbing
  19. Try Crossfit
  20. Go on a brewery tour
  21. Learn how to make sauce
  22. Bake a birthday cake for someone all by myself
  23. Do fitmixer boot camp again
  24. Go to Washington, D.C. and see the monuments
  25. Make my own peanut butter
  26. Learn how to make healthy muffins
  27. Make sangria
  28. Go on another wine tour
  29. Visit two new states
  30. Make a craft from Pinterest
  31. Invest in a good sports bra
  32. Go to a Delta Gamma alumni event
  33. Continue to blog
  34. Go apple picking
  35. Kayak on the canal
  36. Go to an MS walk
  37. See a GI doctor to finally determine why I have so many stomach issues
  38. Send my mom flowers
  39. Buy a business suit
  40. Go to a wedding
  41. Make homemade hummus
  42. Try a new-to-me fitness class
  43. Buy a colored blazer
  44. Go to a running store to determine which sneakers I should wear
  45. Make breakfast pizza
  46. Go back to Good Luck
  47. Try a new-to-me restaurant in Rochester
  48. Visit my past employers at LuGia’s
  49. Spend a day with my little cousins
  50. Frame “then and now” side-by-side photos with my grandparents
  51. Make my own sweet potato fries
  52. Go to a Carrie Underwood concert
  53. Get a facial
  54. Get a gel manicure
  55. Do something special to celebrate my 25th birthday
  56. Go to a baseball game at Yankees Stadium
  57. Go to a professional hockey game
  58. Make healthy guacamole
  59. Paint something (a picture, wine glass, craft, etc.)
  60. Try pumpkin seeds
  61. Go to the Rochester public market again
  62. Frame my diploma
  63. Go to the George Eastman House
  64. Go to the Rochester Museum & Science Center
  65. Go to the Memorial Art Gallery
  66. Visit a museum in Buffalo
  67. Go to a Buffalo Bills game
  68. Drink hard cider
  69. Try green juice
  70. Buy some cookbooks
  71. Visit my family in PA
  72. Go to Canada
  73. Take a cooking class
  74. Make an ice cream cake
  75. Make homemade salad dressing
  76. Host a dinner party or holiday/themed party
  77. Bake cookies for a friend
  78. Send 10 handwritten notes
  79. Take a self-defense class
  80. Make 10 recipes off Pinterest
  81. Find out my blood type
  82. Go to Delta Gamma Founder’s Day brunch
  83. Get a monogrammed necklace
  84. Take my aunts out to lunch
  85. Go golfing with my grandpa
  86. Perfect the art of making a healthy smoothie
  87. Try Bethenny Frankel’s yoga DVD
  88. Find a bra that actually fits right
  89. Buy a jacket that isn’t black
  90. Do something special to celebrate my and Dan’s anniversary
  91. Visit Erin, Emmi, and Renee in NYC
  92. Make dinner for my parents
  93. Put a 13.1 sticker on my car after completing my first half marathon
  94. See all of The Godfather movies
  95. Read Pride and Prejudice
  96. Write thank you notes after my birthday each year
  97. Learn how to manage money
  98. Buy something off Etsy
  99. Pay for someone who is behind me in line (coffee, lunch, etc.)
  100. Go on a hike
  101. Complete my 101 goals!
  • Do you make New Years resolutions?
  • Do you write down your goals?

Happy Things

21 Jul

Good morning!

Today is the day I go to London!  When I planned this trip in February it felt so far away, and now I can’t believe that it’s already here!

My flight isn’t until later this evening, so I’m glad to have time to get some normal food in me and get a workout in.  Aside from my family and friends, the thing I miss most when I’m away is my normal routine and my own food.  Is that weird?  I love trying new meals but even when I was in Italy (!) I was so ready for my own food when I got home (living more than a few days without peanut butter is just too hard).

This gem is going right in my carry on bag.

Recent happy things:

New work out swag!  Kohl’s had a great sale this week and I took full advantage.  Fila might be one of my new favorite fitness brands.

A trip to the zoo with some residents at the senior home where I volunteer.

This face.

Good eats:

Veggie burger with sautéed zucchini, scrambled eggs with turkey, broccoli and spinach, and fruit salad.

Another kickball win!  Still undefeated!

Old photo – me and my friend Julia after ANOTHER successful win!


A killer workout courtesy of The Fitnessista:

What happy things have happened to you lately?

I’m off – definitely need to get a run in before the traveling begins.  I’m glad I’ll have my FitBit to help me track my steps, but sitting on a plane for so many hours always makes me feel restless and gross.

Question for the Morning:

  • What are your tips for staying active while traveling?

For me, I try to walk around the airport as much as I can instead of sitting at the gate while waiting to board.  On this trip, I’m not sure I’ll get many “formal” workouts in, but I do expect we will be walking a lot.

It’s already Sunday?

9 Jul

Did this weekend (and entire week) fly by for anyone else?  With the holiday on Wednesday, it felt like we got two weekends this week.  I’ll take that!

Apparently, I’m not great at this whole blogging thing yet as it has been several days since my first ever post.  Let’s do a quick recap:

The 4th of July was spent hiking with my boyfriend Dan in Stonybrook State Park.

The gorge path in the park was really crowded.  Everyone wanted to be in the water on such a hot day!  When we ventured into the wooded trails though, there was almost no one around.  It was nice and quiet and we got in a great 5 mile hike.

On Thursday, I went golfing for the first time in almost a decade.  As a birthday gift to my grandpa, I promised him 9 holes of golf this summer followed by a lunch date.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t nearly as terrible as I expected and was able to shoot a 53!  Not the next Tiger Woods, but it could have been way worse.

Obligatory golf outfit mirror shot.

Later that day, this happened:

Oatmeal peanut butter cookie baking success!  I used Julie’s recipe and the cookies came out amazing.


On Fridays I usually don’t have much of a schedule.  With nothing to rush out the door for, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to make pancakes.  I usually revert to an easy, microwaved oatmeal beast or some scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I’ve been wanting to try out the protein pancakes I’ve seen floating around the blog world.  I used the Fitnessista’s perfect protein pancake recipe.

They were SO good.  Usually pancakes leave me feeling guilty and still hungry, but these were awesome.  So easy to make, great nutrition stats, and tasted delicious.  Make them ASAP!

Friday afternoon consisted of a gym sesh and my first attempt at baking bread.  My mom helped me (she’s unbelievable in the kitchen), so I don’t have an exact recipe, but it was a cinnamon walnut whole wheat dream.

While the bread baked, I headed to the gym and did Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up Week 4 Workout followed by 15 minutes of treadmill HIIT.  A minute of burpees followed by the walking plank, push up, plank jack combo is no joke.  It was definitely a circuit that challenged me.  I was so sore the next day!

So true. Hate ’em.

This weekend was very relaxing and had the perfect combination of doing a lot of fun things AND doing a whole lot of nothing. The highlight of the weekend was trying a Belgium beer bar called “Victoire.”  It’s only been open for two weeks and I highly recommend it if you are in the Rochester area this summer!

Okay, time to wrap this up.  Lesson learned not to let five days pass before the next blog post!

Hope you had a great weekend!