On Vacation: To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

27 Jul

As I enjoy a vacation of a lifetime in London, I’ve gotten to thinking about finding that perfect balance between rest and activity while on a trip.  The point of vacation is generally to relax, rejuvenate yourself and take a break from your everyday life.  It’s a time to try new foods, see and do new things, or lay around on the beach.  But should your usual fitness routine go completely out the window?

For me, I generally like to maintain some level of activity while on vacation.  If I completely throw that out the window, I usually end up feeling sluggish and crabby as a result of deviating so far from my typical routine.  However, I also think it’s important to cut yourself some slack.  Sleep in and opt for activity later in the day.  Eat a delicious, but perhaps unhealthy, meal that you might never eat at home.  Enjoy some cocktails at the swim-up bar.  Determine what works best for you and will give you the best vacation, while still making you feel healthy and energized.

Last summer, when I went to Sicily with my parents, I went to the hotel gym almost every morning and got a sweat session in before laying at the pool all day. Yet when I went to Jamaica in March with all of my friends, I worked out once the entire week.  And honestly, it was one of the best weeks ever.  Sure I ate and drank things I would usually skip at home, but it’s a vacation I will never forget.

Chillin’ hard in Jamaica.

While in London, I haven’t gotten any formal workouts in.  However, we have walked between 15,000 and 18,000+ steps every day while sightseeing (love the FitBit!).  It’s not “going to the gym” workouts, but it beats laying on the couch all day.  Additionally, I already feel excited to return to my fitness routine when I get home.  Allowing yourself periods of rest can be the perfect thing for increasing motivation and making future workouts count even more.

Traveling is a great way to expand your horizons, create lasting memories with family and friends and fuel your overall personal health.  Get out there and enjoy the world!


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